What data is synced between the platforms?

The connector syncs as much of your Shopify commerce data that we've determined is usable in Mailchimp automations and segmentation. This includes:

  • Shopify customer data, including name, email, phone, address, and the current accepts marketing status. You can map this data to the corresponding Mailchimp merge fields in the connector settings.
  • Mailchimp contact data, including all mapped fields from the connector settings. We include all contacts, including subscribed, unsubscribed, cleaned, and transactional.
  • Shopify products and variants.
  • Shopify orders and abandoned checkouts.

When we perform the initial sync of your data, we start by importing your Mailchimp data into Shopify, assuming the subscription status in Mailchimp is the most up to date information. Depending on your connector settings, we will optionally then subscribe Shopify customers who accept marketing but are not already on your Mailchimp list.

All data is synced in such a way that the last updated data is considered the current system of record. For example, if you update the name of a contact in Mailchimp, we'll update their name in Shopify too, assuming that field is mapped in the connector settings. If any field is empty, the connector will not overwrite data in the other platform so that data is not removed from that platform.

As soon as the initial sync begins, the connector will watch for new changes in both platforms and keep both in sync and will continue to do so after the initial sync is complete.

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