Connecting with Mailchimp

We have made importing and syncing your existing Mailchimp contacts as simple as possible with our built-in integration. You can go to the  Settings page within Seguno and look for Mailchimp under Connections. From there, you can click the Connect button to log in and then select which list to use and whether you want tags added too. After clicking this new Connect button, we will begin syncing your contacts from Mailchimp to Shopify. This connection transfers the contact's email, first name, last name, and subscription status into a customer record in Shopify. We will also sync any unsubscribes that occur from a Seguno email over to Mailchimp to make sure any existing emails you are using in Mailchimp won't be sent to customers who have opted out of marketing emails.

You then have an option to sync subscribers that first come into Shopify to be synced over to your Mailchimp list. This is helpful for when customers opt in at checkout.

Lastly, you have the option to import Mailchimp tags as well as the Mailchimp VIP status as tags in Shopify. This is only done once during the initial import.

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