Connecting with Mailchimp

We have made importing and syncing your existing Mailchimp contacts as simple as possible with our built-in integration, accessible from the Connections page on the Seguno dashboard.


Migrating to Seguno? Check out the expanded migration guide.

Connecting to Mailchimp will prompt you to log in with your Mailchimp credentials and select which list to sync. and whether to transition your contact tags and VIP status. This connection transfers the contact's email, first name, last name, and subscription status into a customer record in Shopify. Optionally, you may sync contact tags and VIP status from Mailchimp as part of the initial sync.

We will also sync any unsubscribes that occur from a Seguno email over to Mailchimp to make sure any existing emails you are using in Mailchimp won't be sent to customers who have opted out of marketing emails. This provides you the smoothest transition possible as you move your email marketing to Seguno without disruption of your existing automations in Mailchimp, all while maintaining compliance with anti-spam laws.


Customer tags and VIP status will only sync on the initial import and is not as part of the ongoing status sync.

Step-by-step migration guide

  1. Export your data from Mailchimp to retain a backup copy.
  2. Connect Seguno to Mailchimp from the Connections page on your Seguno dashboard, to migrate your contacts and their tags over to Shopify.
  3. Design your Welcome automation within Seguno and any other automations you'd like to use.
  4. Install our Popups app. Replicate any popups you may have been using with Mailchimp. Then, switch those off and activate your new Seguno popups. 
    1. Evaluate whether you have any Mailchimp signup forms elsewhere, such as on social channels, and replace them in a similar fashion.
    2. If applicable, remove the Mailchimp form URL from the Newsletter theme settings in the Shopify theme editor or replace any embedded Mailchimp signup form with a native Shopify newsletter form.
  5. Deactivate your automated Mailchimp campaigns.
  6. Activate the Seguno Welcome automation and any others you'd like.

After you've spent some time with Seguno and have decided you're happy with it, you are free to close your Mailchimp account:

  1. Disconnect our Mailchimp connection.
  2. Disconnect the Mailchimp app.
  3. Close your Mailchimp account.
  4. Uninstall the Mailchimp app.


If you delete your contacts in Mailchimp before disabling our Mailchimp connection, the connection will sync those deletions as unsubscribes.

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