Getting Started (detailed instructions)

The following steps will help to make the setup as smooth as possible:

  1. Export all contacts in Mailchimp
  2. Connect to Mailchimp and select your audience.
  3. Map Shopify fields to Mailchimp merge fields on the Settings page. 
  4. If previously integrated, move Abandoned cart and Order notifications tied to the original store by editing the recipients and changing the store. This is done by going to Mailchimp, campaigns, find your abandoned cart email, hover over it, click edit, (if you don't see edit, click the drop down, then choose edit), then choose edit recipients. 
  5. Disconnect the old Mailchimp for Shopify app. Do this in Mailchimp by going to your name in the upper right, to connected sites, switch your site if necessary.
    Here, select the site that was created by the old Mailchimp for Shopify app.  Do not select the site created by the new Mail Connect app, which has “(Mail Connect)” at the end of the name.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose disconnect.
  6. Before starting your sync, please be sure you do not have any other apps that will trigger undesired actions based on the customer information being updated in Shopify or any of the data being updated in Mailchimp. For instance, if you have another email marketing app connected to Shopify that will trigger emails to be sent when new subscribers are added to Shopify, you will want to make sure that is disabled and handled appropriately.

    Once you are ready, click the Start Sync button on the Dashboard and let it fully finish. This could take anywhere from hours to days depending on how much data your accounts have. You will be sent an email notification once it's done.
  7. Turn back on any previously disabled subscriber notifications for your audience.
  8. Product retargeting and any other automations created outside the original store will need to be rebuilt for the new store.  
  9. If you chose "Also keep any extra subscribers that are in shopify" on the settings page, remove subscribers tagged with "subscribed-from-shopify" from any welcome automation. Note, you will need to use advanced settings to access this feature. It is not possible to return back to standard settings afterwards. To do this, go to Mailchimp, campaigns, find a welcome message, hover over it, click edit, (if you don't see edit, click the drop down, then choose edit), choose use advanced settings if you're not using the advanced settings already, click the drop down next to edit workflow settings, choose the third bubble and choose tags, contact is tagged, and use the tag "subscribed-from-shopify". 
  10. Turn back on any automations that were paused during the sync.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help get you started.
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