Importing subscribers and list growth

Healthy, organic list growth is key to your success with email marketing.  Paid advertising and search engine optimization will help bring new traffic to your site. Make sure that you have easy ways to subscribe to maximize the value of that traffic. 

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Who is a Subscriber

Seguno uses your existing customers in Shopify to manage subscribers. Customers with the Accepts email marketing attribute set are considered subscribers and able to receive marketing emails through Seguno. Customers without this attribute are not eligible for any email marketing messages through Seguno. From your Seguno Dashboard, click the box labeled Subscribers to find a compiled list of your subscribers.

You may also find these in your Shopify Customers section by filtering Email subscription status.

How to import your existing subscribers

If you've been using another platform for email marketing, there's a good chance you need to sync that list with Shopify. If your previous email platform synced subscriber status with Shopify, you can skip this section.

For previous MailChimp users, you can connect your MailChimp account to Seguno and we will sync your subscribers and clean bounces and unsubscribes in MailChimp from Seguno. Learn more about Connecting with MailChimp.

If you're coming from another platform, you'll need to use Shopify's import customers action. First, export two files from your previous platform - one for all active subscribers and the second for all of your unsubscribed and bounced contacts. Take each one of the files and copy the email addresses into Shopify's customer CSV template. Be sure that that the subscribers' addresses use the value "yes" for the Accepts email marketing column and "no" for the inactive and bounced contacts. 


If you've already sent a Welcome message to these subscribers, be sure to disable your Welcome automation in Seguno before importing.


If you're having a hard time with your active subscriber import, make sure you're using the "yes" exactly as included on the template provided by Shopify. Using "Yes" or any other value will result in that email address not being marked as Accepts email marketing.

Setting up your Shopify theme for Opt-ins

Shopify offers an amazing variety of themes and customization for your site, but there are two main ways to collect subscribers using your Shopify theme. Update the settings below through your Shopify admin by going to your Online Store and updating your theme settings. If you're unable to complete these, refer to Shopify's help center topic or reach out to Shopify's Support team. Your site design and subscriber strategy is up to you - so enable and customize these to your preference!

Footer newsletter signup

  1. From the Shopify Admin, navigate to your Online Store Themes under your Sales Channels. Click Customize for the theme you want to modify (likely your Live Theme.)
  2. Under the Sections panel, select Footer
  3. Check the box for "Show newsletter signup"
  4. Optional: Depending on your theme, you can update the copy for this signup by going to the Theme actions and selecting Edit Languages. If you're using Shopify's Debut theme, it will be in the General section under Newsletter form.

Checkout newsletter signup

  1. Go to your Account Settings panel and select Checkout.
  2. In the Email marketing section, choose to enable "Show a sign-up option at checkout"
  3. Optional: If you'd like to modify the language for this option, you can select the "Manage checkout language" option at the bottom of your checkout settings. The text is in the section labeled "Checkout marketing".


Only consider the "Preselect the sign-up option" to gather more subscribers if your business's shipping regions allow. Refer to email-marketing laws for guidance on this option as some legislature require multiple actions for opt-in permission. In general, this option will gather more subscribers but the list growth will have lower engagement. 

Selecting a Pop-up, Banner, and additional email sign-up apps

There are many tools to collect subscribers available on the Shopify App Store. We will only mention a few types here, but as long as the app you choose updates the Customer record and sets the Accepts email marketing attribute, they will work with Seguno. Refer back to how Seguno works with your Shopify Customers.

Popup: A popup can be an effective tool to guide your shoppers and collect email addresses for future announcements. Popups can be form-based, to collect email or SMS signups, used to guide customers to companion products or new collections, or to make announcements for things like site-wide sales or shipping delays. Seguno: Popups integrates seamlessly with your Shopify Customers and Seguno: Email marketing for newsletters and automations.

Learn more about Seguno: Popups.


Be considerate of overwhelming new shoppers with too many notifications when they first arrive at your site. Having browser-based push notifications, support chat, social proof banners, and a pop-up all launch as soon as a shopper starts browsing can create a very chaotic experience. 

Banner: A persistent banner creates an easy-to-use sign-up form that doesn't interrupt the shopping experience. Seguno's Dynamic Banner Suite is available FREE to all Seguno users. Simply use the card on the dashboard to install.

Learn more about Dynamic Banner Suite.

Newsletter Form: If you would like to have a page on your site dedicated to collecting subscribers, you can add the Newsletter form to your site menu. Access the form in your Seguno Settings and copy the landing page URL. In your Online Store, add an option to the menu of your choice and paste the form URL.

Tips for acquiring contacts and why you should never buy subscribers

Growing your subscriber list is essential to build an impactful email program. A few tips to acquire subscribers:

  • Use friendly language that matches your brand personality for opt-in forms.
  • Have a clear value proposition in your message. Tell your prospective subscribers what they're getting when they subscribe - sneak peeks, exclusive offers, announcements, etc.
  • If appropriate, offer a modest discount to incentivize subscribing. You paid for SEO and ads to get them to visit your site, so maximize your return by trying to keep them around and turn them into loyal customers.
  • If you're collecting subscribers through ads, make sure those subscribers are automatically synced to your Shopify Customers. If automatic syncing is not available, we recommend updating at least once a week to avoid losing initial interest.


While growing your list can be a slow process, NEVER buy a list or opt-in customers without their knowledge and consent. On top of generating complaints and fast-tracking your way to poor results, purchased lists often contain invalid addresses and spam traps that can result in your all of emails being blacklisted across major domains. Sending to contacts who did not explicitly opt-in for your emails is against anti-spam regulations and is often a punishable offense. This is against Seguno's terms of use and will result in your account being suspended.

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