Inserting a customer's first name

To add a personal, special touch to your emails and newsletters, we suggest addressing your customer by their first name. You can include a customer's name in any text field (i.e. Rich Text, Subject, Preview Text) of your email or newsletter with a little liquid code: {{ customer.first_name | default: 'FALLBACK_TEXT' }}

Essentially, this liquid will include the customer's first name ("customer.first_name") or if the customer signed up for your mailing list with just their email only, then it will default to a fallback text (i.e. "there" or a colloquialism used for your brand). So, an example may be:

Hey {{ customer.first_name | default: 'there' }},
and your email/newsletter text would either say " Hey Chris," or it would say " Hey there," if that customer does not have a first name value.
Example of personalized newsletter: