Inserting a customer's first name

To add a personal touch to your emails, we suggest addressing your customer by their first name. You can include a customer's name in any text field (subject, preview text, headings, body text, etc.) with a snippet of liquid code:  {{ customer.first_name | default: 'FALLBACK_TEXT' }}. Just be sure to change FALLBACK_TEXT to something else before sending but do keep the surrounding apostrophes.

This liquid will include the customer's first name or, if the customer signed up for your mailing list with only their email, it will default to the fallback text. You can change the fallback text to something like 'there' or a colloquialism more relevant to your brand, like 'valued customer' or 'rock star'). Here's an example:

Hey {{ customer.first_name | default: 'there' }},
and your text would either say " Hey Chris," or it would say " Hey there," if that customer has not provided their first name.

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