Billing & Pricing Summary

There is a free tier available for shops that have 250 subscribers or less. From 251-1,000 subscribers, the cost is 20 USD per month and then it's an additional 10 USD per month for every additional 1,000 subscribers in your account, beginning at the end of your 10-day free trial.  For example, the price is 20 USD per month for as long as your subscriber count is between 251 and 1,000, then increases to 30 USD per month until you cross 2,000, and so on. Price changes are prorated for the billing cycle.

If you'd like to see your price for your shop's current subscriber count, try the pricing calculator on our website. All shops on a paid plan have access to all paid features.

Please review these billing and pricing-related FAQs:

  • Is there a free plan?
    Seguno is free for as long as you have 250 or fewer subscribers. Certain features are only available for paid users, so you may upgrade early to access these features.
  • Is there a free trial?
    Yes, there is a 10-day free trial available once for each shop. All features are available during this trial period. You may accept charges during the trial period, but it is not required, and charges will not begin until after the ten days.
  • Can I use Seguno during my Shopify trial or on my test shop?
    You must be on a paid Shopify plan to send emails with Seguno. Affiliate and Trial plans can still use the email editor and other features to get a feel for the app or get a jumpstart on your configuration before moving to a paid plan.
  • How am I billed?
    All charges are submitted through Shopify, will appear on your normal Shopify bill, and will be paid through Shopify. There are no extra contracts, vendors, or payment schedules to worry about. An app charge will be submitted every 30 days, with any prorated increases or one-time charges for templates added to your bill with the date of the transaction. Learn more from Shopify.
  • What is a subscriber?
    A subscriber is any of your Shopify customers that have agreed to receive marketing emails. Within Shopify, this is shown with the Subscribed badge on the customer table and in the Email Marketing card of the customer record.
  • I just approved charges - why am I being asked to approve charges again?
    Your monthly rate is based on the active subscriber count for your account. As your subscriber count increases beyond each 1000 contact tier, Seguno will need you to approve the new rate. This does not create a duplicate charge. The new rate will be prorated for the remainder of the billing cycle.
  • When might my bill increase?
    A charge is submitted every 30 days based on the number of subscribers you have. Once you cross the threshold of the next 1,000 subscribers, you will have ten days to approve a new charge, or your account will be frozen. Each time you approve a new billing rate, your bill will increase by an increment of $10 for each 1000 subscriber limit.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Of course! You can cancel your active charge at any time through your Seguno Settings in the billing section or by simply uninstalling the app. Once uninstalled, no further charges will be submitted but your next Shopify bill may still have one remaining charge to be paid based on any partial billing cycle. Learn more from Shopify.


    During the 10-day trial period, you have the option to accept charges to begin at the end of the trial. If you uninstall Seguno during the trial period, your shop does not yet have an active charge and therefore you will not be charged for trying Seguno.

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