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Use these 3-5 minute videos to learn key components of your new email marketing app.

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This walk-through video touches on all the different areas of Seguno. From creating newsletters to managing automations and editing templates, get up to speed quickly. Learn how Seguno leverages Shopify data and the cool things Seguno does automatically to save you time.


Newsletters are the main way you keep in touch with your subscribers. These broadcast messages are great for creating spikes of interest by making announcements, featuring a product or collection, or just reminding people how awesome your shop is!


Sending a single newsletter is great, but your big promotions deserve more attention than a single mention. Upgrade your promotion by using a campaign to send a multi-email promotion that drives more traffic with coordinated content delivered before, during, and after the promotion or marketing event.


Automations are the gift that keeps on giving! An absolute must for every shop, automations are triggered based on a subscriber's actions and send an email to each contact at the perfect moment. Seguno's ready-to-activate automations make life even easier with no custom scripting or theme updates required to launch.


Templates save you time by providing exciting graphics and designs with great copywriting to give you a big step up for creating your next newsletter. Templates are pre-built layouts that can be used to simplify creating Newsletters and Campaigns.

When you create a newsletter from a template, you will have most of your email content already completed, selecting the primary content, and then adding any customizations specific to your Newsletter. Seguno offers several standard templates, a large selection of seasonal or event-based templates, and allows you to build your own custom templates.

Campaign templates take things a step further, with multi-emails and baked-in strategies to drive more revenue during your most important promotions.


Updating settings might not be the exciting finale you're hoping to find in these video guides, but getting your account configured properly is going to make your experience with Seguno even easier.

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