Send a test email

Similar to when a teacher tells a student to double check or even triple check their answers before submitting a test, it is always a great practice to send test emails to yourself or your team members before sending out the final version to all of your subscribers.

From within the editor of any email, you can send the email to your test recipients in order to see what the email will look like in your inbox.

Test Email Recipients

Go to app Settings > Test Email Recipients to enter email addresses that you want to receive a copy of the test email. This allows you to send the test to multiple colleagues or test the email in multiple different email clients (i.e Gmail vs. iCloud). You may have up to 3 test email recipients at a time.

Sending a Test Email

To send a test email, choose a newsletter > Customize > click the Actions button in the bottom left corner under the section settings and then select Send test email in the menu. The email does not have to be saved before sending the test, which allows you to visualize the changes in your inbox without changing the current message.

Test Email Subject Line

Check your inbox for your test email, which will have "TEST:" in the subject line. Be sure to double check for missing hyperlinks, grammar and spelling errors, and even your "reply email" if it is different from your "from email" in the app settings.

Unique Discount Codes in Test Emails

Please note that uniquely generated discount codes (unique codes for single use per subscriber) appear as sample codes in test and feedback request emails. We only generate the codes in Shopify when sending a real email. A regular discount code (i.e. "FREESHIP" code in example email above) that all subscribers can use appears as normal.

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