Configuring a discount

You may want to use discounts within your emails in order to entice people to buy in your store. If people feel like they are saving money in the process, they will only feel better about their purchase. The process of setting up a discount to be used in your automations and newsletters is quite simple! It is just a two part process.

Part 1:

  • Go to the discounts section of your Shopify account
  • Click create a discount code
  • Name it, choose the type and value, set how it will apply and when it will apply
  • If you're setting up a discount for an automation, make sure there is not an expiration date set.
  • If you're setting up a discount for use with unique codes, make sure you set your usage limits appropriately. You'll want limit number of times this discount can be used in total to 1. Then you'll also want to limit to one use per customer. 

  • Press save discount

Part 2:

  • Go to apps and then to your Seguno: Email Marketing app
  • Go to either automations or newsletters
  • Create a new one or edit an existing one
  • You'll see a discount section on the right. Click this. 
  • Choose whether you want all recipients to have the same code or different codes and then enter the name of the discount code you created. A check will appear if it matches up.
  • Click save

From here you can create your custom email like normal but now a discount banner will be added to your email. Please note that when you send a test email or feedback request, only an example discount code will be reflected. We only generate the codes in Shopify when sending a real email.

NOTE: We also offer a bulk discount app that will generate discount codes in bulk for you with ease! This bulk app is not meant to be used with the Seguno: Email Marketing app, but instead can be used to generate the codes and use them elsewhere, in a place like Mailchimp for example. This is because the Seguno: Email Marketing app will actually do this bulk discount generation as well in the same area you see highlighted above in that screenshot. It generates the codes and emails them out without you having to do any merging of lists.

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to us at

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