How do I export my discount codes to a CSV or Excel file?

Shopify has built-in support for exporting discount codes to CSV. To download the codes from a discount set:

  1. Hover over the discount set in the Bulk Discount Generator and click the Go to discount button. You can also go directly to the discount in the Shopify admin by going to Discounts and then selecting the discount that contains the codes you'd like to export.
  2. On the Discount details page, click the View all codes button under the Discount codes section.
  3. Optionally, you can leverage the Filter codes action right above the table of discount codes to limit the codes being exported. For example, you can filter them down to only unused codes with a Times used is equal to 0 filter.
  4. At the top of the Codes page, right below the header, click the Export action.
  5. A dialog will be displayed giving you several options for how you want to export your codes. This is where you can choose to include all codes or leverage the filter created previously. Selecting Plain CSV file will give you the most portable file to be imported into other platforms, such as a loyalty or marketing platform.
  6. After clicking the Export codes button, Shopify will send you an email with a download link once the file is ready.

* Please note that Shopify limits exports to 100k codes at a time. If you need to create more than that for a particular discount, we recommend using prefixes on the codes so that you can search the discount set and filter it down to export 100k or less at a time. You can also create separate discount sets with no more than 100k codes in each so that they can be exported separately. 

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