How do I export my discount codes?

After your codes have been generated and fully imported to your shop, you may export the discount code set directly in Bulk Discounts or through the Shopify Discounts admin.

Export code sets from Bulk Discount Code Generator

Discount sets may be exported after the full code set has been generated and imported to Bulk Discount Code Generator.

Select, or hover over, the individual discount set to use the export action.

Note: Discount sets are exported in the order requested.

Once the Export Queue badge has been removed, the discount set will be available for download. The export action is automatically updated to download when available.

  • Export filenames are based on the discount set name and export request date
  • Files are formatted as a CSV with column headers for Code, and Times Used In Total
    • Usage is for the individual code and not the discount overall
  • Once generated, the downloadable file is available as long as the app is installed
  • All files are securely stored and can only be accessed via the app in your Shopify Admin


Bulk Discount Code Generator can generally export 80-100k unique codes/minute (based on 10-digit alphanumeric codes.)

Export from Shopify Discounts

Shopify has built-in support for exporting discount codes to CSV. Learn more from Shopify.


Shopify exports usually work with up to 100k codes. Use Bulk Discount Code Generator's export function if you have more than 100k codes in your set or have trouble with Shopify. 

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