How can I import subscribers?

Seguno uses your existing customers in Shopify to manage subscribers. Customers with the accepts marketing attribute set are considered subscribers and able to receive marketing emails through Seguno.

If you are coming from another email marketing platform, you may need to import your existing contacts from that platform as customers in Shopify. The way this is accomplished will depend on your marketing platform, please see the following instructions based on your existing email marketing platform:


We have made importing and syncing your existing Mailchimp contacts as simple as possible with our built-in integration. You can go to the Settings page within Seguno and look for Mailchimp under Connections. From there, you can click the Connect button and we will begin syncing your contacts from Mailchimp to Shopify. This connection transfers the contact's email, first name, last name, and subscription status into a customer record in Shopify. We will also sync any unsubscribes that occur from a Seguno email over to Mailchimp to make sure any existing emails you are using in Mailchimp won't be sent to customers who have opted out of marketing emails. This provides you the smoothest transition possible as you move your email marketing to Seguno without disruption of your existing automations in Mailchimp, all while maintaining compliance with anti-spam laws.

Other email marketing platforms

For all other email marketing platforms, the easiest way to import your subscribers is to export them as a CSV file from your platform. This process will be different for every platform, but if you need assistance please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Once you've got a CSV of your exported subscribers, you may need to massage the exported CSV to fit Shopify's customer import CSV template. The most important columns to keep in mind are First name, Last name, Email, and Accepts marketing. The Accepts marketing column needs to be set to yes for any contacts that should be subscribed and no for any that are unsubscribed.

After you have your exported CSV template in the same format as Shopify's customer import CSV, you can go to your Shopify admin and under the Customers area, there's an Import customers action that will allow you to upload the CSV and import them into Shopify. Please note, you may need to check the Overwrite existing customers that have the same email or phone option to make sure the status is updated for customers that already exist in Shopify. For more information about importing customers, see Importing existing customers using the customer CSV.

As always, if you would like some additional help or have any questions about this process, the Seguno support team is available to help. Simply click the Talk to support button on any page within Seguno and you can leave us a message.

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