Why does the banner look different on my storefront?

There are several possible causes for a banner that displays differently on your storefront than in the preview inside of Shopify. Check all of the following scenarios:

  • If you have the font type set as Inherit from storefront under General or Countdown, this could be the cause. This setting ensures the banner will inherit whatever font is set on your storefront, which is likely to differ than the Shopify admin font.
  • If you have the font type set as Inherit from system or device under General or Countdown, this could be rendering differently on the device that is viewing the banner. For example, a mobile device viewing the banner may use a different font than the system that the banner was designed on.
  • CSS/Stylesheets on your storefront may be causing the banner to inherit some of those styles and look different. If this is the case, submit a support ticket and we'll try to fix this on our side, or suggest a way to limit the impact your CSS may causing.
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