Why is the banner not displaying on my storefront?

There are multiple conditions under which the banner will not display on your storefront. Please verify all of the following scenarios:

  • The Active dates setting has either a start date that is in the future or the end date is in the past.
  • Did you close the banner using the close button? The banner will not display again until you close and re-open a new tab or browser window.
  • If the discount being promoted is expired, the banner will not display unless there's a Default banner.
  • If the Default banner is expected to show up, first verify that the default banner is enabled in the settings. If it is of type Discount, verify that the discount specified is Active in Shopify.
  • If you are using our Seguno: Email Marketing app and you've opened an email sent from that app, then we will automatically hide announcement messages that are requesting the visitor to enter their email address. Opening your website in a private browsing session in your browser should bring the banner back up for you.

If you still think it should be displaying, please open a support ticket and we'll take a look!

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