Connecting a popup to a customer-tagged automation

For a more tailored experience, create a customer-tagged automation for popup subscribers. Customer-tagged automations are commonly used for popups related to a specific event or interest-based popups. 

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Connecting a popup to a customer-tagged automation in Seguno: Email Marketing

To connect a customer-tagged automation to a popup: 

  1. Open Seguno: Popups > Popups
  2. Create a popup
  3. Add a popup-specific tag or choice list-specific tag to your popup 
  4. Open Seguno: Email Marketing > Automations
  5. Create a customer-tagged automation
  6. In the trigger settings, select the customer tag associated with the popup
  7. Activate the customer-tagged automation and popup
Add a popup-specific tag

When creating a popup, you can apply a tag to all subscribers who complete the call-to-action.

  1. Open Seguno: Popups > Popup
  2. Select the popup design
  3. Click Edit in the Tags section
  4. Add a unique tag to be applied to all popup subscribers

Add a choice list-specific tag 

Adding a choice list to a popup allows you to tag subscribers based on their interests. Within the forms section, add a dropdown to the popup and add unique tags to each choice option. 

Adding choice list-specific tags →


  • I have a welcome automation and customer-tagged automation active in Seguno: Email Marketing. Should I send my subscribers both automations?
    • Customer-tagged automations are triggered when the selected tag is added to a subscriber. If the popup is targeting new subscribers, you may choose to skip sending the regular welcome automation email and replace it with the customer-tagged automation. To skip it, select “Skip sending the welcome automation email” in the trigger settings of the customer-tagged automation.
  • I’m not using Seguno: Email Marketing. Can I connect Seguno: Popups to my email platform? 
    • Seguno popup subscribers are automatically added to your Shopify Customers. As long as your email marketing platform syncs with Shopify Customers, your popup subscribers will exist in your email marketing platform. For a seamless connection across all platforms, try Seguno: Email Marketing. Seguno: Email Marketing is the top-rated email marketing platform built exclusively for Shopify. 
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