Connecting a popup to the welcome automation

Continue building a relationship with new popup and form subscribers through email automation. Set up a welcome automation and start communicating with your customers upon subscribing. 

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Connecting a popup or form to the welcome automation in Seguno: Email Marketing 

With Seguno: Email Marketing, connecting the welcome automation to a popup is as easy as activating your welcome automation. 

All popup subscribers are automatically added to your Shopify Customers. Seguno’s welcome automation triggers when any new subscriber is added to your Shopify store. Once you have the welcome automation active, all new popup and form subscribers will receive the welcome series. 

Setting up the welcome automation in Seguno: Email Marketing → 


  • I’m not using Seguno: Email Marketing. Can I connect Seguno: Popups and Forms to my email platform? 
    • Seguno popup and form subscribers are automatically added to your Shopify Customers. As long as your email marketing platform syncs with Shopify Customers, your popup and form subscribers will exist in your email marketing platform. For a seamless connection across all platforms, try Seguno: Email Marketing. Seguno: Email Marketing is the top-rated email marketing platform built exclusively for Shopify. 
  • Does Shopify’s double opt-in work with Seguno Popups & Forms?
    • Shopify’s double opt-in does not support Seguno Popups & Forms. If you have double opt-in active in Shopify, we recommend switching to single opt-in if you’re able to. We don’t want you to miss opportunities to grow your list!
  • I want to send popup and form subscribers a more tailored email automation series. What do you recommend? 
    • As a Seguno Email Marketing user, you can send a more specific email with customer-tagged automations. Customer-tagged automations are commonly used for event-specific or interest-based popups. This type of automation allows you to send the subscriber tag-specific emails vs. a standard welcome email.
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