Optimize your BFCM sending

Email sending traffic is typically much higher during the critical holiday weekend known in the email marketing world as Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can use these best practices to get your emails out faster and achieve better results.

To optimize your email sending speed:

  • Send off the hour to avoid "rush traffic." This is the highest volume email sending day of the year, so the receiving email domains will have their hands full with everyone sending at the same time. Move your send to 10 minutes or so off the hour, and they may actually be delivered faster.
  • Simplify and reduce your segments! Sending to one segment with all criteria included will be faster than using separate segments for each criteria.
  • Generating unique codes takes time. If you're using a subscriber-specific promotion, you can still use unique codes, but the sending process may take a few minutes longer as the codes are generated
  • Email engagement metrics may be delayed during periods of high sending. Seguno Email will show you how many emails have been sent as soon as they are queued. Your stats will automatically update to show engagement data as soon as it's available.

To optimize your email engagement in a potentially crowded inbox:

  • Use concise, clear subject lines! The subject line gets their attention and gives them a reason to open. The preview text tells them more about the content in the email, so you use include promotion or product details for this field.
  • Create a sense of urgency with phrases such as "Sale starts" or "Special offer." (Special offer also works for limited availability if you're not using discount-based promotion.)
  • Spammy subject lines generally get treated like spam. Do not use misleading subject lines - now is not the time to take big risks and get blocklisted!
  • Test, test, test (AND PROOFREAD!) your content. You don't get a second chance to avoid tpyos with you announce "All Shirts on Sale."
  • Don't send your full shop in the email! Studies have shown that emails with 2-3 CTAs have higher click rates, with click rates declining for emails with too many CTAs. Similarly, including 3-7 products seems to be the sweet spot with declining click rates for more products. Remember - the email should capture their attention to get them to your shop, where they can actually order!
  • Use action-oriented CTAs such as "Shop now" or "Buy now", as the active terms perform better than passive terms during the peak shopping season.

Looking for more guidance? The Seguno Team is standing by to make this your shop's best holiday yet. Contact support.

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