How do I display multiple announcements?

The announcement banner type supports up to five messages that will be looped through. Each message will be displayed for the number of seconds specified in the Display timer length setting. The banner will fade out the current message and fade in the next message. After the last message is displayed, the messages will start back at the beginning and loop indefinitely.

To get started with multiple announcements, select the Announcement banner type and click the Add message button at the bottom of the first message's settings. This will bring up an additional set of settings for the next message in the loop. You can configure a custom message and optionally an action that can be taken for that message. Below the Add message button is a setting that will determine how long each message will be displayed, in seconds.

The preview at the top will show you how the messages will loop on your website, but if you'd like to preview a specific message and pause the loop in the preview, you can change the preview from Loop to the desired message. Note: The banner will always loop between all messages when displayed on your storefront, regardless of how you are previewing it in the app.

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