Enabling and disabling the banner

The banner type picker, shown above, determines which banner is currently active on the storefront, if any.

Enabling the banner

To turn on the banner and make it visible on your storefront, simply:

  1. Select the banner type you are interested in using the picker shown above (Announcement, Free shipping, or Discount). You will notice the type is now highlighted with its respective color and a border around the box.
  2. Configure any related settings below
  3. Click Save

Disabling the banner

To turn off the banner and remove it from your storefront, simply:

  1. Select the "Disabled" icon from within the type picker, shown above, on the far left. You will notice the disabled icon is now highlighted in a darker gray and a border around the box. Also, all the type settings below and the banner preview above are now hidden.
  2. Click Save

Once you have uninstalled the app, our code is automatically removed from your site by Shopify. You should not have to do anything else from here.

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