Applying customer tags based on form choices

Learning as much as possible about your customers' preferences is essential to email marketing strategy. This popup feature will enable you to obtain more information from your customers about their interests at the time of signup and save that data in the form of Shopify customer tags.

The "Choice list" feature located under "Form" during popup creation allows you to specify a list of choices that when chosen by the subscriber will tag their customer profile in Shopify. 

The choice list has 3 types of display: A single-select dropdown, a single select choice list (radio buttons), and a multi-choice list (checkboxes). You may also include more than one choice list within the same form. 

By selecting "Edit choices", you can give your subscribers options to set preferences that will automatically apply a customer tag, enabling you to learn more about their potential interests.

This allows you to create advanced customer tagged email automations that send after a customer signs up and becomes tagged. This can replace or be in addition to the standard welcome email.

This can also help with segmenting your list for future newsletters based on the applied tag(s):


To see ideas for great use cases for this feature and others, check out our blog post for inspiration on how to create effective popups that tie into personalized email marketing.

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