Applying customer tags based on form choices

Add a choice list to your popup or form to apply customer tags based on form choices. The "Choice list" feature located under "Form" during popup or form creation allows you to specify a list of choices that, when chosen by the subscriber, will tag their customer profile in Shopify.

The choice list has 3 types of display: A single-select dropdown, a single-select choice list (radio buttons), and a multi-choice list (checkboxes). By selecting "Edit choices", you can give your subscribers options that will automatically apply a customer tag, enabling you to learn more about their potential interests.

To apply a customer tag based on form choices:

  1. Add a Form section to the popup or form
  2. Click Add content, then Choice list
  3. Select the type
  4. Click Edit choices
  5. Edit the labels and tags
  6. Click Update choices
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