Abandoned Checkout automation

The abandoned checkout automation is widely considered one of the two most essential automated emails in your program and boasts the highest conversion rate and ROI thanks to the most qualified and interested recipients. Be sure to set your automation up correctly to maximize your results!

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How is the abandoned checkout automation triggered?

Shoppers can trigger your abandoned checkout automation when they have items in their cart, begin the checkout process, and progress beyond the shipping address stage of the checkout flow. The recipients are identified by the email address entered in the address details or from their customer profile if they've logged into an account.


While using Seguno's Abandoned Checkout automation, be sure to turn off Shopify's Abandoned Checkout notifications to avoid sending duplicate emails with generic branding.

Who can receive these emails?

By default, abandoned checkout automations are only sent to subscribed contacts as marketing emails. However, since your shoppers have started the checkout process, the first email of the automation can be configured to send to all shoppers and be considered a transactional email. Remember to check your local laws to ensure compliance.

To send the first email as transactional, edit the start card of the automation and approve the first email as transactional.

Recipients who have not subscribed to email marketing but receive transactional abandoned checkout emails will have the option to unsubscribe from receiving any transactional abandoned checkout emails in the future. Contacts who are subscribed will receive this email normally and will be able to receive any additional emails in the series as long as they remain subscribed.


If a contact unsubscribes from transactional abandoned checkout emails and then subscribes to your email marketing, the transactional unsubscribe status is reset.

Additional tips for a successful Abandoned Checkout automation

These shoppers were so close to converting that they already had the perfect product in their cart! Just encourage them to complete the transaction and convert them into customers.

  1. Configure the start criteria to send to all customers or only to subscribers.
  2. Update your Abandonded Checkout template to:
    1. Encourage the subscriber to return the cart - use language to reassure them of their decision or drive urgency.
    2. Keep the message simple and focused.
    3. Allow the cart contents to be the primary content of the email - they already showed interest in those products keep those above the fold and avoid any distractions towards the top of the email.
    4. Use a very clear call-to-action for your button to return to the checkout.
  3. Set the timeframe for the initial delay to 1 or 3 hours.
  4. Configure your discount settings to drive more urgency (if you’re offering an incentive.)
  5. Don't give up after just one try! Turn this automation into a multi-email series with 3-4 emails sent over 7-10 days.
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