Copy a message to an automation

Do you have a high-performing newsletter or template design you absolutely love? This is a great opportunity to copy an email to an automation series such as your "Welcome" message. Instead of rebuilding these emails from scratch, this feature allows you to quickly get your automated series up and running.

Seguno offers an easy solution to transfer the content and layout of an existing newsletter or template to an automation series. Select "Copy to automation" from the actions menu on your newsletter details page or from one of your templates.

Pick the automation and a copy of that template or newsletter will be added to the end of the specified automation series. By default, the message you copy is not initially enabled. This will prevent an email from going to your subscribers before you've had a chance to look over the content.

Once the newsletter or template has been copied, you can go directly to the chosen automation using the link on the success banner at the top of the page to finish customizing the email and activate it. 

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