What if the subscriber already exists in my account?

When a customer submits information on your popup or form, Seguno will look for a matching email address and multiple phone records in order to complete the subscription request.

Existing subscribers New subscribers
Customer info: Seguno will update the customer information if the submitted information is different than the existing email address and phone number. Customer info: All information will be saved as a new customer in Shopify and marked as "accepts email marketing".
Tags: All popup and form tags will be applied to the subscriber. Tags: All popup and form tags will be applied to the subscriber. 
If you have specific concerns about if an email address and/or phone number already exist in your Customers, you may find specific use cases below.
  • If a popup with a form for email and SMS is submitted and Seguno does not find a matching record, we create one new customer subscribed to both email address and SMS.
  • If Seguno finds a matching record, we update the record to subscribed
  • If Seguno finds an email record but no phone number, and no other customer record with that phone number exists, we add phone and subscribe the customer for both email and SMS
  • If Seguno finds a phone number, but no email, and no other customer with that email, we add email to the customer and subscribe them to both
  • If Seguno finds the email address, but it has a different phone number than what was submitted in the form, we create a new record with the phone and subscribe, then subscribe on the current email record - we note on the new record there could be a duplicate, tag with seguno-duplicate
  • If Seguno finds two existing separate customer records for email and phone, we subscribe both separately
  • If the popup contains forms for phone and email on different steps, Seguno submits the email address first and creates or updates the customer appropriately.
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