How Popups integrates with Shopify

Seguno Popups integrates seamlessly with your Theme and Customers to make setup a breeze and keep your data at home in Shopify.

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Activating the App Embed

The Popup app embed adds the appropriate code to your theme without having to manually paste any scripts into your theme. The embeds are active on all pages of your site and no additional configuration is needed inside your Shopify theme.

Navigate to your Online Store Themes and Customize your active theme.

Note: If you switch to a different Live theme, you will need to activate the app embed for the new theme.

Open your theme settings below the layout.

Continue to the App embeds and activate enable Seguno Popups. No additional configuration is needed in your theme.

If you have already activated a Popup in the app, the popup will now load on your site. If you have not yet customized and activated a popup, continue on to those steps.

Note: If you uninstall Seguno Popups, the app embed is automatically removed from all pages of your site and no code is left behind.

Integrating with your Shopify Customers

Seguno Popups signups integrate seamlessly with your Shopify customer records by adding or updating customer records with form fields and tags.

By default, all new subscribers will be tagged with "seguno-popups" and "seguno-popups-email" or "seguno-popups-SMS". Additional tags can be set for each Popup and are configured in the Popup settings.

Currently subscribed contacts who submit a popup will have additional tags added, but will not be tagged with the default tags.

Add popup tags to have more options for segmenting and targeting these customers with your Seguno Emails.

To easily identify these contacts in your Shopify Customers, create a segment using the customer_tags filter and the appropriate tag based on your popup.

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