What image types can I use in my popup?

Seguno Popups supports JPG, WEBP, PNG, and GIF image formats for your Popup backgrounds. Some formats allow unique designs

PNG images support transparent backgrounds, which allows you to create custom shapes and floating effects with your popup text and buttons. You could even use a PNG of a product in your shop!


Use Canva to create your PNG with the background eraser feature and create a custom layout.

Using a GIF Follow these best practices for a little more action in your Popup.

  • Use GIFs for your animated images, and pick a GIF where the first frame still makes sense in case the GIF is blocked from loading.
  • Try to keep your file size small - larger files take longer to load!
  • Keep the animated images out from behind any text - moving images behind text can create accessibility concerns without very careful considerations for contrast. We recommend using the Image on Side layout or placing the Image Section at the top of the popup layout.
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