Launching your first popup

Launching your first popup with Seguno is as easy as 1-2-3! Enable the App embed; Customize the design; Activate the popup!

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Enable the app embed

Seguno Popups & Forms embed handles a clean install of the necessary scripts for your active theme. Enabling the theme app embed is required for popups to run on your shop. Once activated, there is no additional configuration in your theme settings; all display and trigger settings are set in the Popups and Forms app.

To enable the theme app embed:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, navigate to your Online Store, then Themes
  2. On your current theme, click Customize
  3. Select App embeds
  4. Select the toggle to enable Popup by Seguno: Popups
  5. Click Save
  6. Note

    If you change to a different live theme, you will need to enable the app embed on the new theme.


    App embed verification cannot be completed if your store is in Coming Soon (password-protected) mode.

Create your popup

You may create unlimited popup designs for a variety of designs and purposes. Sort through the available templates to jumpstart your layout with suggested content.

Name your popup for internal tracking and reporting purposes. The popup name will not be visible to visitors.

Continue on to customize your popup's design. Start by customizing and adding sections to enhance your popup's design. Sections stack vertically on the canvas in a single column.

Available sections include:

  • Image to feature your logo or a supporting image stacked vertically in your popup design
    • Use Shopify's free image tool Burst or Seguno's Canva integration. Learn more about supported image types.
  • Rich text to share more information about why a contact would benefit from signing up or conveying your announcement. All popups should have the primary message content included in a rich text section for maximum accessibility.
  • Form to collect signup information such as email address, phone number, first name, and last name.
  • Close action to give your shoppers an additional option to dismiss the popup through a text link or button

Each section also has advanced settings to allow you to set the section's background color or image and control the padding (or spacing) around that section.

Once you've configured the first step of the popup, select Step 2 to control the confirmation or follow-up page.

Continue to customize your popup's content and design. Popups may have up to three steps or as few as one step. Use the Edit step action to reorder, clone, or remove steps.

Once you've configured the primary content of the popup through the sections, move on to your theme settings for more style control on the overall popup (instead of the specific sections.)

Adding a background image is a great way to make your popup more visually appealing. Background images can run behind the entire popup or be placed in a separate column to the left or right of the popup sections. Side-aligned images will move above the popup on a mobile device or can be hidden on mobile for a more focused message.

Additional image position settings allow you to center your image if it is larger than the available popup window and control the width ratio of the side-aligned images compared to the popup sections.

Control the popup launch animation and screen position for both desktop and mobile devices. Use the preview options to test the experience on both desktop and mobile screens to be sure your popup is not too intrusive and blends nicely with your intended site experience.


The mobile version of the popup will display on any device less than 660px wide.

Complete your theme customizations and save your design. Return to the Popup detail page to set your popup's trigger requirements and activate the new popup on your site.


Need a little design inspiration with DIY instructions? Check out the Guide to 3 simple popup styles.

Activate the popup

Navigate to your popups list and select the popup you'd like to activate to open the popup detail page.

The popup detail page gives you control over your popup trigger settings, activation status, and popup-specific reporting for impressions and conversions.


Start by updating the trigger settings to control when the popup launches on your site. These display settings are requirements that must be completed before the popup will launch during the shopper's session.

Trigger settings are critical for helping your popup fit into your ideal site experience. Learn more about trigger settings.

Active dates

If the popup is intended for a time-based event, you may schedule the popup to only display during certain times, regardless of its activation status. Use this setting for big announcements such as the arrival of new collections, highlighting a limited-time sale, advising shoppers of shipping delays, or any popup designed for a particular holiday period.


Popups may target or exclude different pages to make effective announcements targeting products, collections, or more. Excluding specific pages can help limit distractions for shoppers or protect your checkout flow by keeping your popup restricted to only relevant pages.


Seguno Popups automatically tags all new subscribers for email and SMS signups. Additional tags may be added to simplify sorting and segmentation based on the specific signup forms.


Use Seguno: Email Marketing Customer Tagged automations to send specific follow-up messages to shoppers who submit that form.

Your popup is now ready to be activated! Toggle the popup on to begin creating impressions immediately. Popups may be activated or deactivated from your popup list or the popup detail page. Launch multiple targeted popups to give your shoppers a tailored, informed experience to grow your marketing list and increase your site's conversion rate.


Once a popup is dismissed, it will not show again for that shopper unless they clear their site cookies or use a different device. Private browsers will likely see the popup for each visit as these visits appear as new shoppers each time. If a shopper clicks through to your site from an email sent by Seguno: Email Marketing, no email collection popups will display during that session.

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