How do I see my new subscribers?

How do I see all new subscribers from my Seguno popups?

From the Dashboard, select the count of new email or SMS subscribers in the Subscriber Growth card.

Seguno will temporarily create a segment of these subscribers in your Shopify Customers. Save this segment to use it for other purposes and leverage it in Seguno: Email Marketing.

How do I see subscribers from each popup?

By default, all new subscribers will be grouped together by subscription type. To track subscribers by individual popup, add popup-specific tag.

Adding a unique tag will allow you to create a segment draft based on this tag automatically when you click the tag link from the details page.

Tip: Use Seguno: Email Marketing's customer-tagged automations to send specific emails to new subscribers from this popup based on the unique tag.


Use Seguno: Email Marketing Customer Tagged automations to send specific follow-up messages to shoppers who submit that form.

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