How does billing work for Seguno: Popups?

If you're a Seguno: Email Marketing customer on a paid plan, add the Unlimited plan of Popups for $10. If you're not a Seguno Email customer, billing starts at $10 per month with 5,000 impressions (additional impressions may be purchased.) A free tier is available for all merchants.

Usage-based | Starting at $10/month

For Shopify merchants who want to grow their list and communicate with their shoppers.
  • Includes 5,000 impressions per month
  • Unlimited active popups
  • Additional impressions cost just $10 per 10,000
  • Ability to remove Powered by Seguno branding
  • Seguno Support with Live Chat!
  • 10-day free trial


At the beginning of the calendar month, the impressions allocation refreshes, and you start with a new 5000 impressions. Additional impressions do not roll over from month to month.

Unlimited w/ Seguno: Email Marketing | $10/month

For customers on a paid Seguno Email plan who want to scale and save time with unlimited impressions and email marketing.
  • Unlimited impressions per month
  • Unlimited active popups
  • Ability to remove Powered by Seguno branding
  • $10 per month as long as you're on a paid plan with Seguno: Email Marketing (billed separately from your Seguno subscription)
  • Seguno Support with Live Chat!
  • 10-day free trial

Free tier 

For Shopify merchants who are ready to get growing. Available to Seguno Email Marketing AND non-Seguno EM users.
  • Includes 1000 impressions per month
  • One popup active at a time with no limit on designed popups
  • Powered by Seguno branding included
  • Seguno Support with Live Chat!

Canceling your Popup charge

Canceling your charge will immediately revert you to the free version of the popup app, including 1000 impressions and a limit of one active popup on your site. You may cancel at any time through the Billing card on your Dashboard. Contact support if you have additional questions.

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