Activating the theme app embed

In order to display popups on your storefront, you will need to activate the app embed on the currently published theme on your shop. To activate the app embed:

  1. Click on Online store in the main Shopify navigation.
  2. On the Themes page, click on the Customize button in the current theme section.
  3. In the theme customization editor, click on Theme settings in the button corner of the screen.
  4. In the theme settings window, click the App embeds tab.
  5. Toggle on the Popup app embed from the Seguno Popups app.
  6. Click Save at the top of the screen.

The following screenshot shows the app embeds provided by the Seguno Popups app:

The Popup app embed adds the appropriate code to your theme that will display the activated popups you design in the app to display on your storefront. App embeds are active on all pages of your site and there's no additional configuration settings that are needed inside of the Shopify theme customization area. Once the app embed is activated, all popup customizations are done in the Seguno Popups app. At any time, you can deactivate all popups on your theme by toggling this app embed off in the theme customization area.

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