Building Campaigns

Sending a single newsletter is great, but your big promotions deserve more attention than a single mention. Upgrade your promotion by using a campaign to send a multi-email promotion that drives more traffic with coordinated content delivered before, during, and after the promotion or marketing event.

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Intro to Campaigns (Video)

Basic Campaign Strategy

A multi-email campaign is most effective when the emails work together to tell a collaborative story to build interest with subscribers while driving them to purchase.

Timing and number of messages

Using a campaign to send multiple newsletters allows you to build anticipation before it comes, drive traffic through the duration of the promotion, and drive urgency with the end of the promotion.

In this example, the campaign was designed to engage subscribers over five days. The first newsletter uses an "early access" message to make subscribers feel like they have the inside scoop and grab attention before the competition. The second and third messages announce the start of the event and then drive a sense of urgency as the day goes on. A final email captures those last unsure conversions with a "sale extended" promotion.

Designs and messaging

Designs should be consistent and share common elements, images, and colors throughout the campaign. Email copy and content should build on previous messages and use similar language.

These designs share consistent layouts and colors to help the subscriber become familiar with what to expect as the campaign continues. The same call-to-action style, background images, and color schemes are used throughout the campaign, along with saved sections for banners and important announcements. While the specific discounts may change throughout the promotional event, each discount should follow a common theme. Messages may highlight the same product or collection or vary across each message to bring attention to different products.

Create a Campaign

Create a new campaign from scratch with your new newsletters and templates by leveraging your existing unsent newsletters or using a professionally designed Campaign Template from the Seguno Template Store.

Start by navigating to the Campaigns section from your Newsletters tab and select Create campaign.

Previously purchased Campaign templates will be available to start with, or visit the template store to find inspiration and new featured campaigns.


If you're buying a campaign from the template store, be sure to check out the "Make it your own" tips and ideas for customizing your campaign template for your shop.

Start by naming your campaign for internal organization. Campaign names are not customer-facing and should be descriptive of the promotion or event. Begin adding your existing unsent newsletters to your campaign, or create newsletters as you go.


Newsletters may only be assigned to one campaign at a time, and only unsent newsletters can be added to your campaigns.

Modifying your Campaigns

Once you've added newsletters to your campaign, you may update the individual newsletters easily by viewing that newsletter. 

Targeted recipients and discounts are set at the newsletter level to give you specific control if needed.

Return to the campaign to customize the remaining newsletters and begin scheduling your sends.

Extend your campaign by adding new or existing newsletters to your current build.


To save time and keep your designs consistent throughout your campaign, duplicate one of the existing newsletters in your campaign. Navigate to the newsletter list, and use the action shortcut to duplicate the message.

Return to your campaign to add the newly duplicated newsletter, and continue customizing content.

Scheduling your Campaign timeline

Once you've customized your content, selected your recipients for each message, and assigned applicable discount codes, you may schedule at the newsletter level or easily while viewing the overall campaign to allow you to view the campaign timeline.


Campaign templates may recommend sending newsletters on specific dates as part of the campaign strategy. These dates are suggestions and should be updated if they do not work for your business needs.


Part of your campaign strategy may be to drive urgency with expiring promotions or discounts. To avoid overlapping messages content, campaign messages are excluded by default from triggering the Discount Reminder automation. This setting may be adjusted in the Discount Reminder settings if needed.

Checklist: Before scheduling the send

Think you're ready to sit back and let the campaign drive site traffic and revenue? Be sure to test each message in your campaign.

  1. Send yourself a test email after customizing the message.
  2. Verify your sender details will be easily recognizable to your subscribers
  3. Make sure your subject line and preview text do not contain any typos or spammy content.
  4. Open the email on your desktop and mobile devices to ensure you're happy with the message layout and styling.
  5. Check all text sections for any grammar or spelling issues. Ask a coworker to double-check or use an online proofreading tool.
  6. Click through each image and hyperlink to confirm that everything is linked correctly.
  7. If your message has a Discount assigned, double-check the settings and eligibility.
    NOTE: Unique discount codes used for test emails are not valid.
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