New Fall and Halloween Templates

We've got a new lineup for 2021, but don't worry if you had some favorites from last year, those are still around. These templates are a great chance to create a newsletter that reminds your audience that the season has changed and that you have new products out. Also if you have an audience who appreciates Halloween this is a great time to scare up some extra sales. Need more inspiration? Here's a guide on what to send this month.

Remember, after you install the template you are able to create a newsletter and customize it however you see fit. You can swap out the images, or text for what's right for your business.

To swap out the images, simply go to that section and then change the image out. You can quickly place any of your product images from Shopify or Instagram in there. Here's how to connect your Instagram. You can also swap out the text as needed. It's the same text box that you've used before when creating newsletters.

Fall templates

Trending Fall Fashion

All About Autumn

Favorite Fall Recipes

Libra Season

Fall for These Fragrances

Halloween templates

Scary Good Sale

Trick or Treat Yourself

How do I get to the template store?

Easy! Navigate to the Templates tab to visit the full store. Featured seasonal templates are also available on your Seguno dashboard.

Install the template that you'd like to use for your newsletter. While some premium templates have an additional cost, many templates are available with no additional charge if you're using a paid version of Seguno. Learn more.

Now that I have my template, how do I turn it into an email?

Templates are prebuilt layouts that are used to speed up the process of creating Newsletters. Use the announcement banner to turn your new template into a newsletter quickly.

You may also navigate to the newsletter page to create a newsletter

Your new template will now be in your available templates.

Still not sure about how to use your new template? Learn more about using prebuilt templates.

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