About Bulk Discount Code Generator

The primary goal of Bulk Discount Code Generator is to import large numbers of unique codes into Shopify Discounts to save you time and effort. The app can create the unique codes automatically or you may provide a specific code set to import to your Shopify Discount.

There are many benefits to leveraging unique discount codes in your marketing efforts, but a primary one is reducing coupon abuse to protect margins. Codes often get shared on social media or posted on popular coupon sites so a smarter strategy for 1:1 channels like email is to provide each recipient with a unique, one-time-use code. In doing so, you also provide a more personalized experience for those loyal customers and give them more reasons to stay engaged with that channel.


One of the best channels to use is email marketing. If you'd like to start including a unique code in your emails, skip the hassle of creating, exporting, and importing codes and try Seguno: Email Marketing for free today!

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