Reports and subscriber growth

Track your popup and forms overall impact, conversions, and subscriber growth using reports.

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Seguno: Popups records two engagement metrics - impressions and conversions. Impressions are the number of triggered popups. Conversions are the number of impactful submissions for the popup or form based on the intention:

  • Subscribing to Email or SMS through a form section, or
  • Clicking a button section link to visit another page on your site.

If a currently subscribed contact submits a subscription form, it will not be recorded as a conversion. Each popup will record a maximum of one conversion in the event that there are multiple actions available in one popup.

The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of impressions. Popups without a form action are not convertible and will show a 0% conversion rate.

Popup or form-specific engagement metrics are shown in the popup or form list.

To view a popup report:

  1. Navigate to the Popups page
  2. In the Popup card, click the Actions dropdown
  3. Select View Report

To view a form report:

  1. Navigate to the Forms page
  2. In the Form card, click the Actions dropdown
  3. Select View Report

Dashboard metrics

The Popup dashboard shows aggregated metrics for impressions, conversions, and conversion rates, as well as the subscriber growth for email and SMS.

Custom reports

Build a unique aggregated report for specific popups or forms through the Reports tab.

Filter the report by date, group the data by time, and select the popups to include in the report from the Popups dropdown. 

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