Activating a Popup on your site

Activate the popup

Navigate to your popups list and select the popup you'd like to activate to open the popup detail page.

The popup detail page gives you control over your popup trigger settings, activation status, and popup-specific reporting for impressions and conversions.


Start by updating the trigger settings to control when the popup launches on your site. These display settings are requirements that must be completed before the popup will launch during the shopper's session.

Trigger settings are critical for helping your popup fit into your ideal site experience. Learn more about trigger settings.

Active dates

If the popup is intended for a time-based event, you may schedule the popup to only display during certain times, regardless of its activation status. Use this setting for big announcements such as the arrival of new collections, highlighting a limited-time sale, advising shoppers of shipping delays, or any popup designed for a particular holiday period.


Popups may target or exclude different pages to make effective announcements targeting products, collections, or more. Excluding specific pages can help limit distractions for shoppers or protect your checkout flow by keeping your popup restricted to only relevant pages.


Seguno Popups automatically tags all new subscribers for email and SMS signups. Additional tags may be added to simplify sorting and segmentation based on the specific signup forms.


Use Seguno: Email Marketing Customer Tagged automations to send specific follow-up messages to shoppers who submit that form.

Your popup is now ready to be activated! Toggle the popup on to begin creating impressions immediately. Popups may be activated or deactivated from your popup list or the popup detail page. Launch multiple targeted popups to give your shoppers a tailored, informed experience to grow your marketing list and increase your site's conversion rate.


Once a popup is dismissed, it will not show again for that shopper unless they clear their site cookies or use a different device. Private browsers will likely see the popup for each visit as these visits appear as new shoppers each time. If a shopper clicks through to your site from an email sent by Seguno: Email Marketing, no email collection popups will display during that session.

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