Authenticate your domain

Sending emails from your shop's domain not only looks more professional but it also helps build trust and improve your email deliverability. In order to send emails from your shop's domain, you will need to add 2 DNS records wherever your domain is hosted. This topic is a bit technical but the process is rather simple and you can follow along in the video tutorials.

Video tutorial for domains hosted with Shopify:
Note: The video shows 3 records but we are only using the first 2 now.

Video tutorial for domains hosted with GoDaddy:
Note: The video shows 3 records but we are only using the first 2 now.


Authenticating your domain requires 2 DNS records to be created wherever your domain is hosted (e.g., Shopify or GoDaddy). This is done to verify you own the domain and ensure inbox providers trust the emails being sent by Seguno are associated with your domain. To get started, go to the  Settings page within Seguno and click the Authenticate your domain link under the From email input field to find all the details you will need. If you are using Shopify as your domain host, you can follow the video above as well as the article on managing your domains to help you make the appropriate changes. If you are using a different domain host, the process covered in the above videos is basically the same and most have a knowledge base with instructions and their own support team that can help.

Once you've followed the necessary steps for your particular domain host and created the 2 records, go back to the Settings page within Seguno. After clicking the Authenticate your domain link, click the Authenticate domain button to verify the DNS records. An error message will appear if we are unable to verify the records, which could either mean the records were not created properly or the domain host has not propagated them yet and you just need to wait a while longer. Once you get the success message of authentication passing for both records, we'll take it from there.

The shop owner will be notified by email once the process is complete and emails will be sent from your shop's domain going forward. We do recommend having your From email and your Reply email match now that they can so you may need to update your Seguno settings accordingly. You are not limited from using the default domain while this is in progress so feel free to turn on any automations and send newsletters in the meantime. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our support team.

Clarifying points:

  • The manage button is only available to use when your use shopify as your domain host. Otherwise, you will see a remove button. If you are not using shopify as your domain host, you will need to go to the host's website to make the necessary changes, similar to what you see in the GoDaddy video above. 

  • If you see the "'authenticate your domain" link disappear, it means you have successfully authenticated your domain and that no further steps need to be taken.
  • While we do not have tutorial videos for every domain host available (there are so many out there!), the GoDaddy tutorial will give you an idea of what changes need to be made with your domain host. If you have any questions about making these changes, please contact your domain host for further assistance. 
  • If your site becomes unreachable after making it changes, it is likely that a record may have been deleted by mistake. The presence of our records should not cause your shop to be unreachable alone. 
  • Changes can take up to 48 hours to kick in depending on your domain host.
  • You will receive an email when the process is complete. 

Commonly used host's domain guides:

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