Email Marketing in September

September marks the end of summer and the official preview to Fall. As many of you have already noticed retailers and merchants are already taking advantage of this change in season.

In this video, we'll cover Labor Day and Fall-related messages. PLUS we've got a great tip of the month for Shopify Merchants on how to use customer reviews in messages.

Within online e-commerce, the Fall season not only marks a season change but starts us down the path to the Holiday season. At this point, it would be too soon to mention holiday shopping, but consumers are aware of the change in season and are poised to shop for it. This is why this season has traditionally done so well. Take a moment to figure out how you can mark the change in season and relate that back to your target audience.

Tip of the month

The importance of gathering reviews is something that every Shopify Merchant is well aware of. What if you could use those great reviews as content within your email messages? I suggest you give it a go. Reviews offer up genuine thoughts from other customers and will be more relatable than anything you can come up with. There are plenty of ways you can put these into your messages watch this month's episode for examples and ideas. 

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