Selecting Product Variants

Featuring a specific variant of a product or multiple variants of the same product is easily done in your Featured product and Product list sections for all emails.

In this case, we'll feature our Children's backpack for all four variants of the new patterns.

Start by adding a Featured product or Product list section to your email and selecting the main product in the Content section. 

Since the main product is the first variant, we'll add a second item of the same product (Children's Backpack) to select the specific variant.

Select the variant you wish to include. The product title remains as the main product title but can be updated using the Title override option. 

The links for buttons and product images are updated to direct to the specific variant. Discount eligibility will be updated based on the variant selected and discount price rules.

Continue to add variants as needed, or try different layouts between the Featured product or Product list sections!

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