Replacing Kit's Thank You notifications

Now that the Shopify Kit app has officially been retired by Shopify, you may be wondering how to replace its automatic "thank you" email notification. Seguno can help you replace these functions through its "New purchaser" and "Repeat purchaser" automations, which send to subscribed customers after their first and second purchases, respectively.


While Kit emails were sent to all customers regardless of subscription status, Seguno emails are only sent to subscribed customers. This means your subscribers have given permission for you to email them beyond just standard transactional notifications and are likely to respond to them positively. Configure your checkout opt-in to encourage subscription.

Activating your New and Repeat Purchaser Automations

Start by navigating to your Automations in your Seguno app and selecting the automations you'd like to set up. Learn more about activating automations.

Seguno's automations do not require any additional integrations or theme changes. To activate the automation with the standard template, toggle the automation on.


Seguno's standard templates will give you a quick option to activate but do not mirror Kit's "personal note" style. If you prefer the Kit style, you can easily customize these templates by following the steps in this guide.


Automations do not send retroactively to subscribers who would've triggered the automation previously. To send an email to people who have purchased previously, create a customer group for those subscribers and send them a newsletter

Customizing your New and Repeat Purchaser automations to look like Kit's "thank you note" style

Start by selecting the email thumbnail or Customize from the Actions menu.

By default, Seguno emails use a shared theme across your newsletters, including the navigation menu, header, and footer, so changes to these sections are typically reflected across all other automations and future newsletters. Since "thank you" style emails are generally very different from an action-oriented promotion, you may want to remove your standard navigation menu and alter your style.

To remove these sections on just these automations to give it a plain-text look, use the actions and select "change theme" to "not shared," which will allow you to make changes isolated to the email you're currently working on.

You can now remove your navigation menu from the Header and modify your email style without changing your standard emails in Seguno.

Next, add a rich text section which will be the primary content for this email:

Another function of Kit that you may want to reproduce in your Seguno automations is the ability to personalize the email by including the subscriber's first name. Use the format below into the subject line, preview text, or body of your email to accomplish this:

Hello {{ customer.first_name | default: 'there' }}, 
This tag will update to " Hello Chris," or " Hello there," if the subscriber has not provided their first name. Use this as the heading if you'd like it to be the primary line as in the example. 

Lastly, you might consider removing Seguno's branding from the bottom of the email and using the Signature section to sign your name in a personalized way. Both of these options are paid features, so you would need to be on Seguno's paid plan to take advantage of them.

To remove Seguno's logo, you can click on the "Footer" section of the email and then on the checkbox here if you're on a paid plan:

Similarly, you can add the Signature section if you'd like to sign your name in a fun way:

Be sure to save and activate your automation to start automatically building loyalty with your new and repeat purchasers!
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