Email Marketing in August

We're in the dog days of summer folks. While there aren't too many specific dates in August that Shopify Merchants are concerned with. It is a VERY big retail month. That's because we have 3 major shopping events happening. 

  1. Back-to-School/Back-to-Collage
  2. End of Summer Sales
  3. Labor day prep

In this video, we cover them all and show off examples. PLUS we've got a great tip of the month for Shopify Merchants who want to send more targeted messages. 

Back-to-School/Back-to-Collage: This season is expected to bring in over $100 billion dollars in revenue. We know people are looking to spend, and it's likely that Shopify Merchants who present their products in the right light will make money off any Back-to-School campaigns. What's the key? To understand how your product can solve a problem for kids/young adults going back to school, or for their parents. This means Back-to-School is not limited to only merchants who sell pens/paper. It means that if you have a product that can solve a problem for the season, you should consider putting together an email marketing message that includes Back-to-School. FWIW I really love the examples we put in the video.

You can check out more information on our templates for Back-to-School here

End of Summer Sales: For some Shopify Merchants this is a great chance to heavily discount stock so they can clear the way for Fall products. There is no pressure to do this and it's not obligatory for all merchants. If it fits your brand then go for it, people love a sale and it will get their attention. 

Labor day prep: Yep, that's right! Labor day is the first week of September, you'll want to prep whatever you need to in August to get ready. Just like how we did for the 4th of July. Labor day is another regional holiday that is focused on straightforward promotions. You don't need to overthink this message. If you do a discount make sure that it's something that helps your business and doesn't cost you money. 

Note: Keep your eye on the template store, we already have a lot of patriotic templates that will work and we'll be releasing more soon.

I've just listed 3 promotional events to consider for August. However, don't consider doing all three mandatory. Back-to-School is very powerful, and if you can tie your product into the season, then it's a smart thing to put in your emails. You do NOT need to have a discount with it. You can simply present your products and how they help the "Back-to-School" season. Yes, discounts do drive sales, but please always be cautious of over discounting. 

A note on discounts: Remember you can set a minimum threshold, create bundles, or use a free gift. Check out this post from Shopify.

Tip of the month

Sending messages to targeted customer groups. This is a popular question for our support team so we made it our tip of the month. You can easily create customer saved searches and then send to them via Seguno. 

Seguno already lives inside your Shopify Store, so all the data is easy to access. Once you have created a customer group, then you can customize the recipient list with a few clicks

Your saved searches are based on your customer data (this is the proprietary 1st party data that you own) such as the number of orders, value spent, or date of first purchase. You can use this data to find VIPs, people who haven't shopped, or people who haven't shopped recently. 

You can also use customer tags to create saved customer groups. This can be useful if you've been tracking customers and now want to send separate messages to separate groups. 

Comments or questions? Here's the link to the YouTube video, leave a comment there and we'll see it. For app questions feel free to use live chat or reach out to us at

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