Banner types

There are three banner types and only one type can be active at a time:

  • Announcement - Grow your subscriber list with an email capture form and/or display custom text to describe a special promotion or announcement with an optional linked button to drive traffic to a specific destination. Plus, with this type, you can set up multiple messages and loop through them.
  • Free shipping - Display text to encourage spending a minimum amount before receiving a free shipping discount at checkout and show progress as your customers fill their cart. 

Note: this requires first configuring free shipping rules within your Shopify settings.

  • Discount - Promote a discount you've created in Shopify to drive sales with a special offer. Similar to the free shipping banner, this can provide progress feedback as the customer adds more items to their cart. You can even build tiers of discounts that they can earn more savings as they spend more with you.

Note: the actual discount in the Shopify discounts admin area must be active in order for the banner to be displayed.

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