New Templates: Back-to-School

NEW TEMPLATES: Back-to-School and Back-to-College

Back-to-School season is in full effect, and retailers will be promoting it heavily this year. Shopify Merchants can capitalize on this excitement as well with email marketing. Back-to-School season affects a wide range of industries, so it's very likely you have a product that could be considered during this season. You can head into the app right now and see these new templates in the template store. 

Popular products that many merchants choose to promote include:

  • Fashion, accessories, and shoes for children, young adults, and college-aged consumers
  • Home goods suitable for apartments or dorms
  • Paper goods/journals/writing tools
  • Electronics

How big is this season? 

Let's check in with the experts.

The National Retail Federations states:

Families with children in elementary through high school plan to spend $848.90, $59 more than last year, on average, on back-to-school items. Total back-to-school spending is expected to reach $37.1B, up from $33.9B last year and an all-time high in the survey's history.

College students and their families are also setting records in spending. Total spending on back-to-college is expected to reach $71B up from $67.7B in 2020.

That means that more than $108B (B for Billion) will be spent on the 2021 Back-to-School season.

How can your shop get a piece of that pie? 

Send a great email marketing newsletter to your audience and let them know you have items ready to go for Back-to-School.

Back to School Templates include:

How do I get to the template store?

Easy! Navigate to the Templates tab to visit the full store. Featured seasonal templates are also available on your Seguno dashboard.

Install the template that you'd like to use for your newsletter. While some premium templates have an additional cost, many templates are available with no additional charge if you're using a paid version of Seguno. Learn more.

Now that I have my template, how do I turn it into an email?

Templates are prebuilt layouts that are used to speed up the process of creating Newsletters. Use the announcement banner to turn your new template into a newsletter quickly.

You may also navigate to the newsletter page to create a newsletter.

Your new template will now be in your available templates.

Still not sure about how to use your new template? Learn more about using prebuilt templates.

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