Optimize your header and logo

Optimizing your email header is a great way to give an excellent first impression of your email and make your recipients more likely to engage with it. However, one of the most common mistakes we see is misused header space, resulting in lower chances of engaging and converting from the email. 

To update your Header in Seguno, navigate to the email editor for any newsletter or automation. Click on Theme settings > Header. 


The header and footer are part of your email's shared theme, meaning updates will be reflected across all emails by default. Learn more about your shared theme.

There are three main components for an email header: the preheader text, logo, and menu bar.

Preheader text

The preheader text loads at the very top of the email and is ideal for company slogans or brief statements. (E.g. "They rule. Their clothes can too." or "Always free shipping")


If your subject line and preview text do not fill the available space for your email's inbox preview, the preheader text may be pulled in automatically. Keeping preheader text in your emails may help avoid loading any unsubscribe language or the alt text for your logo image.


This is your company's logo and a part of your brand. Choose a version of your logo that will look good in the email on both desktop and mobile devices and is easily readable.


In our Email Design 101 course, we spoke about how a large logo can push the content of your email too far down. Make sure recipients can see your logo and the content when they first open the email.

Menu bar  

This is optional but can help improve overall clicks for Merchants who have a variety of collections. Even if someone isn't interested in the content of the email, they can still preview any collections or categories that may interest them. (Ex: Mens, Womens, Childrens or Dishes, Rugs, Chairs)


Customize your menu with your top collections and a link to your blog. We recommend only including 3-4 Menu items to reduce customer confusion.

During peak sales seasons (Black Friday/Cyber Monday), consider creating a 'Gifts' collection and adding it to your Menu bar.

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