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Your Instagram timeline is full of great photos, so why not save time and use some of those images in your emails? Connect Seguno to your Instagram account to access your posts directly when adding images to your emails. But first, here's a video with some quick tips!

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Connecting to Instagram

In order to import images from your Instagram directly to Seguno, the connection must be approved through your Seguno Connections page.

Navigate to the Connections menu from your Seguno dashboard and select Instagram.


Be sure to connect with your shop's account and not your personal account. Access may default to the account you're already logged into for that browser. Be sure to verify the correct account is connecting.

Connecting with Instagram gives Seguno access to read your profile and media information.


Both permissions are required to import your image posts to Seguno. Removing media access will result in a connection error.

Access to public Instagram accounts is persistent and should not need to be refreshed. If your shop's Instagram account is private, access will need to be refreshed every two months to access new images.

Disconnecting Instagram will not affect images that have been added to your emails.

You may also manage access through the Apps and Websites menu in your Instagram account settings.

Adding your Instagram posts to emails

Photos from your Instagram feed may be added to any image section for your emails.

Add an image to your email layout. All image sections support your Instagram connection.

Open the image picker to reveal your image sources.

Select the Instagram tab to reveal your recent feed.

Images are sorted by the most recent posts. If a post contained multiple images, all images from that post will be grouped together and available.


If you want to use images that you were tagged in, be sure to repost them to your feed first.

Select the image to add it to your email. Be sure to add an Image description and link the image to your shop or the specific product featured in the image.


Videos are not currently supported through the Instagram Connection. To use videos in your emails, convert them to GIFs optimized for emails and import them as you would any other image.

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