Saving sections to reuse in other emails

Creating great content takes time. Save that content (and time) by saving any section from your current newsletters, automations, and templates.

Start by creating the section that you want to use across multiple emails. Once the design has been completed (and tested), use the Save section button below the section settings.

Since these sections may be used across your newsletters, automations, and templates, be sure to give your section a recognizable name to save time when building future emails.

Your new Functional Footer is saved and ready to be used again!

To add your newly saved section to another email, navigate to that email and open the email editor. Add a new section to the email layout.

Access your saved sections through the Saved tab. Saved versions will include all settings for that section from the original version without conflicting with the new email's theme settings.

Add the section to your email and make any necessary edits.

Now that's a great, functional footer - fast!


The version and name of a saved section cannot be updated after saving. To make changes, add the section to any email, make your updates to that section, and then save the updated version. To avoid confusion, we recommend deleting the previous version of that section. If you wish to use the same name for the section, you will need to delete the old version before saving the new version.

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