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With so much going on in your Shopify shop, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with creating newsletters. Turn your blog content into an easy, engaging email by automating a blog post announcement, sending the content you've already created to your subscribers in an easy-to-customize template.

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Customizing your blog post announcement template

Before activating the automation, start by customizing the automation content to give your email a familiar design to your other marketing emails.

Customizing the template

Navigate to the Automations tab and select the option to Customize the Blog post published automation.

The primary content for this template is the Recent blog posts section. This content will be injected when the automation is triggered and will pull in the recent blog post published to your Shopify Blog. This section can be customized to include a universal heading, and other attributes based on that actual blog article that will be included at sending.


Keep in mind that this is the template for sending an announcement, and some of the featured content will be conditional and based on the blog article that triggers the announcement. If you want to have a more specific design for a blog post announcement, create a newsletter so you can include content that is about that blog post specifically and not universal to a blog post announcement.

The other sections in the email may be customized to enhance the overall email, but are not required

Setting the Subject Line and Preview Text

The default subject line for a Blog Post Announcement is "New on our blog". To customize the subject line that will be used, navigate to your Settings tab and select Edit language. Navigate to the Blog posts section and update the blog post announcement's universal subject line.

Your announcement's preview text will be the title of your new blog post.


Keep in mind that this subject line will be used each time this automation sends a blog post announcement. Avoid including a specific date, event, or blog title in the subject line.

Activation and sending announcements

Once enabled, the automation will check each day to see if you've published a blog post within the last 48 hours, but haven't sent any blog post sections to your subscribers. If a blog post qualifies, the automation will send the blog announcement as a newsletter to your full subscriber list.

Example: If you publish a blog post on a Tuesday evening, and you've activated the automation to send at 3:00pm, then your automated announcement will be sent at 3:00pm that Wednesday.


In some instances, you may have published a blog post recently but the automated announcement is not sent. Most commonly, this is because the blog post was published before the automation was activated or you've sent a newsletter that contained a blog post section featuring your new post.

If your store is still in "Password Protection" mode, the newsletter you send out will only redirect your subscribers to your password protection page. However, anyone who has the shop access password would still be able to see the blog post once they enter the password. 


If you're in a pre-launch state and publishing blog content, consider sharing an early access password with your subscribers to build interest and customer loyalty.

Reviewing your sent blog post announcements

Any automated blog post announcement that has been sent can be found in your Newsletters tab with the name "Blog post announcement YYYY-MM-DD, where the date is the date the announcement newsletter was sent.

From here, you'll be able to remail your announcement or review the email reporting in Seguno. Learn more about reporting.

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