Connecting with Facebook Leads

Connect with your Facebook business page to sync new subscribers from your active Lead Ads, maximizing the return on your advertising budget. Seguno automatically creates new subscribers in your Shopify account as your prospects sign up, allowing you to create a seamless customer experience, capitalize on your prospects' attention, and drive more sales and loyalty.


The Facebook leads connection will be a paid feature but it is free to use until June 1, 2021.

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About Facebook Leads connection

Seguno's connection uses your Facebook admin permissions to sync new leads from your Facebook ads into your Shopify account as subscribed customers. Facebook leads connect functions as an event listener, meaning Seguno respects your privacy and only accesses data when the subscription event occurs, bringing prospects signing up through your ads.

App permissions for Facebook leads connection are approved when registering in Seguno and can be reviewed in your Facebook Settings under Business Integrations.


Any denied or revoked permissions will disable your leads sync.

Facebook Leads connection uses the following permissions:

  • Show a list of the pages you manage - used to configure which page's lead ads will sync to your Shopify account
  • Access leads for your Pages - used to identify the email addresses of your new leads
  • Read content posted on the Page - identify lead ads and collected follower's email address pages
  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page - allows Lead Connect to listen for new leads
  • Create and manage ads for your Page - required to see the leads coming from each ad

Seguno does not share your data, store or access your Facebook data beyond the outlined intentions, post to or modify your Facebook page, and will delete data used to access your Facebook leads with 48hrs after an account is disconnected.

Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads are one of the most popular and effective ways to collect new, engaged prospects from your Facebook community by simplifying subscription. Ads can be targeted by using look-a-like audiences based on your shop's current VIPs, or you can target your ideal demographic by leveraging Facebook's information (such as age, location, interest or other behavioral data) giving you access to a potentially large number of new prospects for your shop.


If you're unfamiliar with Facebook Lead Ads, start learning with Facebook's Business Center articles and be sure to follow their best practices, especially with linking the confirmation page to your shop.

While budgeting for your ad is an important component of driving traffic, keep in mind that these new subscribers should be nurtured through emails in order to convert them to loyal customers. Capitalize on their interest quickly with an automated Welcome series, and consider if you need to set up a Customer Tagged automation for more specific nurturing. Learn more about automations.

Connecting to your Facebook pages

To start syncing new leads from your Facebook page, navigate to the Connections card on your Seguno Dashboard, and log in to view the Facebook business pages you have access to. Admin permission is required to enable the connection for each page.

Be sure to review Facebook Leads connections requested permissions and accept all permissions to enable your connection. Lead imports are processed for all ads associated with the Facebook page and can be enabled or disabled at any point. Once enabled, Lead Connect will begin importing new leads to your Shopify account. The number of leads imported will be tracked based on each page.


If you have enabled Leads Access Manager in your Facebook Business Manager settings, then you'll need to permit access in for Seguno in your CRM integrations through your Facebook business manager. Learn more from Facebook.

This connection does not support co-registration leads and each Facebook page may only be linked to one Seguno account at a time.

Connecting with an existing Facebook Lead Ad will not backfill previously collected leads. No leads will import or queue for import if a page is not enabled for syncing.

Processing new leads

New leads will be imported in near-realtime with the available information for your prospect's first name, last name, and email address. Leads will be set to a subscribed status and will be tagged with "facebook-leads-connection"

If some data for a lead already exists in your account, the existing values will not be overwritten - they will only be updated to subscribed and the tag will be applied. 


It is a best practice to have a Welcome email automated to send to all new subscribers, but some leads may benefit from more specific messaging that can be automated through the Customer Tagged automation with the facebook-lead-connection tag.

Updating or deactivating pages

If your lead connection is active for a Facebook page, Seguno will automatically detect new lead ads and import resulting leads. If you need to deactivate a page, you may simply toggle it off and Seguno will be able to resume sync at a later time.

If you disconnect your account, Seguno will delete all data used to access the leads within 48hrs and compliant with GDPR regulation.


Seguno does not share your data, store or access your Facebook data beyond the outlined intentions, post to or modify your Facebook page, and will delete data used to access your Facebook leads with 48hrs after an account is disconnected.

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