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The products that your customer purchased tells you a lot about them - and gives you a great opportunity to follow up with the perfect email! Product purchased automations send your subscribed customers the perfect email after you've fulfilled their order containing a specific product or a product from a specific collection. From install instructions to care tips to replenishment reminders, Product purchased automations are sure to add ROI to your email program.


Did you find Seguno through your Shopify Marketing automations page? Check out this quick overview of what Seguno brings to your shop.

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Creating a Product purchased automation

Product purchased automations can be created directly from your Shopify Admin in the Marketing Automations event or on the Automations tab of the Seguno app.

Create your automation and configure some basic information, including an internal Title to keep you organized, a Subject Line, and Preview Text that will entice your subscribers into opening your email.

Select the Product or Collection that will trigger this automation to send to the subscribed customer.


Collection availability must include "Online store" to be eligible for triggering this automation.

If you're using this automation to encourage follow-up purchases, consider giving them a discount code. Learn more about using discounts.

When determining the initial delay timing, consider your typical shipping timeframe and how long after receiving the product would this email be appropriate.


The email purpose and content should be the main factor in setting this delay. If you're sharing install instructions, make sure that the email would be timed to arrive at approximately the same time as the product.

Once you've set the initial configuration for your email, use the editor to add great content and deliver value to your subscribers. We recommend that your email's primary image features the product or collection that was purchased. 


Use this email as an opportunity to get social with your customers! Add a social media section and encourage your customer to share pictures of their new purchase in use and tag your shop.

Start and End Criteria for Product purchased automations

The start criteria for the automation is based on a specific product or collection being included in your subscriber's order and that order being fulfilled.


A partially paid or partially fulfilled status will not start the automation.

This means the automation and delay will not start counting down until the order is paid and fulfilled, so configure the automation's initial delay based on typical shipping times, plus any time you'd like your subscriber to have to use their new purchase.


If your sharing Care Tips, you might want to give your subscriber a week or two to enjoy their new favorite purchase. If you're sending replenishment reminders, aim for 2-3 weeks before the original product's supply should be depleted.

The automation ends when there are no more emails in a series or if the subscriber makes another purchase.

This automation will trigger for the subscribed customer  each time an order with the selected product or collection is fulfilled. However, each subscriber will not trigger that same automation again until they've exited the series.


Use exclusion tags if you have wholesale shoppers or people that might purchase specific products more frequently to avoid sending too many duplicates of the email.

Updating and extending your Product purchased automations

Once you've activated your new Product purchased automation, Seguno will watch for any orders with the trigger product or collection to be fulfilled.

Automations do not retroactively trigger, so if you'd like to send an email to customers who previously purchased a product or collection, create a saved customer group and send them a newsletter. Learn more about targeting customer groups.


If you add a similar product to your shop that would fit with an active Product purchased automation, create a collection for these products and then configure the trigger to use the collection instead of creating duplicate automations. This will reduce the likelihood of sending too many copies of similar automated emails.

Extend this automation to a series easily with the add email button. Be sure to configure the delay timing to avoid overwhelming your subscribers. Learn more about automated series.


Using multiple emails is a great way to offer tips in one email and then encourage social engagement in a follow-up email after another week of enjoying their new product.

Learn more about Activating your Automations.

Checklist: Before activating your Automation

Before activating your automations for eligible subscribers to trigger, make sure to work your way through this checklist.

  1. Send test emails for each email in the series. Make sure that all images and links are correct and that all images are linked. Double-check the desktop and mobile layouts for image sizing and text wrapping.
  2. Verify timing settings for each message to ensure the initial email is sent appropriately after the trigger event and subsequent messages do not overwhelm the subscribers by sending too quickly.
  3. Double-check discounts for expiration and settings to verify that the Discount does not have an expiration in the admin and that the Seguno discount settings have the correct eligibility and rolling expiration date.
  4. Review the end criteria to make sure that you're familiar with how subscribers can exit the series.
  5. Verify your exclusion is set for any customer tags you would like to prevent from receiving the automated emails.
  6. Enable each message in the series and then activate the Automation!


  • Do they have to be a subscriber? Yes, the customer must be a subscriber in order to receive the email.
  • Will it send if anything is returned? No, if any items in the order get returned then the subscriber is no longer eligible to continue in the automation.
  • Can I utilize this feature as a free Seguno user? No, this is one of our great paid features but free users can upgrade early to start a free trial and gain access to this feature immediately.
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