Design with Canva

Canva is a robust graphic design platform with a wide range of prebuilt templates and layouts and advanced customization tools. Content created in Canva can be imported directly to your Seguno image library using the Canva integration, giving you yet another tool to make beautiful emails easily.


Seguno's support of Canva is limited to the Seguno integration and does not include the Canva editor, design tools, or cost-of-use. Learn more about Canva from their tutorials.

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  • About Seguno and Canva

    Canva is a full-featured platform with templates and design tools to create images for just about any application. Through Seguno's Canva integration, you can create images in Canva's editor without leaving Seguno and import them directly into your Seguno image library for use in your emails.


    Canva does not work in the Shopify mobile app or browsers that block third-party cookies, which Safari does by default. If you experience issues with the Canva integration, typically presented as a "Forbidden (403)" error, please try on a different browser or desktop device.

    Using the Canva integration requires having a Canva account. Accounts are available for free, with some premium content available at an additional cost. If you have not already created an account, you can create one directly through the integration.


    Some Canva functions and content may not be available through the integration but can be accessed through the Canva website. Designs created on Canva can be exported and then imported to Seguno manually, without the use of the integration.

    Using images from Canva with Seguno

    The Canva integration is available for any image-based section in the Seguno editor. Using Seguno's Canva integration, you can select a starting point to speed up your image design process, giving you Canva-selected designs based on your desired image layout.

    Each of the configured canvas sizes corresponds to a Canva template collection that works well with email. If you'd like to build a different layout, use a canvas with Custom dimensions. This canvas type also works great if you've designed a full layout in Canva and want to bring it over to Seguno.


    There is a lot of flexibility for creating different-sized images in Canva. Images in the body of your email will have a maximum width of 600px and, as a best practice for sharp images on high-resolution devices, use images that are roughly 1000 - 1200px wide.

    Once you've found a template you'd like to use, modifications are made with Canva's editing tools, allowing you to update the layout, text, colors, images, and more.

    Publish your design to import it into Seguno as an image, and be sure to set the Image description and Link.

    Once an image has been published, it will be saved to your Seguno library and marked with the Canva logo.

    The Canva logo indicates you can continue editing after it has been selected.

    After publishing an update, the previous one will no longer be editable, which means the Canva logo will no longer appear on its thumbnail in the Image Library. However, the original image is still available for use as all published images will be saved in your Library.


    Canva's paid content is independent of Seguno and charged directly through Canva. Canva has great free designs but a much more expansive collection of premium content, which may be worth it to you but be on the lookout for the "FREE" badge if you'd like to use it without cost.


    Prices are not always advertised until you attempt to publish the design, and costs may be linked to the full template or a specific licensed image on the template. If a licensed image is used in the design, you may change or remove that image to avoid the cost.


  • Seguno's scope of support is limited to the integration, but Canva has many great resources available. Learn more with Canva Tutorials.
  • Animated images are not able to be imported to Seguno through the integration. If you'd like to bring an animated image into Seguno, export it as a GIF directly from and then import it into Seguno as you normally would.
  • If you have multiple contributors working on your Canva designs, editing permission will initially be limited to the users who created the content. Designs can be shared by updating permissions. Learn more from Canva. You may be able to request access or the team sharing options of Canva Pro may be worth it for you.
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