Redeem a code for template store credit

We occasionally run promotions for free premium templates. If you come across a code, we walk through how to redeem it below. If you're new to Seguno, welcome! You can learn more about Seguno: Email Marketing in the Shopify App Store.

Welcome! Are you busy working away on your Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions? Our great looking email templates will save you time. If you're new to Seguno, you can learn more and install the app by visiting the Shopify App Store.

Use code after installing Seguno to receive a free template credit

Note that these templates only function within Seguno.

Here's how to redeem a code for template store credit:

Step 1. Install (if you're new) and log in to your Seguno app. Then, click on the Templates tab and click on the first card to enter the template store.

Step 2. In the template store, scroll to the very bottom of the page. Click 'redeem code.'

Step 3. Use the code you were given - now you have a free credit to use whenever you'd like.

Then, learn how to use templates.
Please talk to support if you have any questions.

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