Using a prebuilt template

Adding a Seguno prebuilt template is a great way to simplify your email creation process with professional design and copywriting. Each template includes ready-to-send content designed to work across every industry, with or without a discount, and can also be customized through the Templates gallery or while creating a newsletter.

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Locating available templates

Once you've added a template, it will be immediately available in your template gallery as well in the template picker when you're creating a newsletter. Accessing your templates through your gallery will allow you to customize the template to update any of the predetermined sections. Template copy may be updated to reflect your brand tone and designs may be enhanced with applicable sections such as a Countdown timer or Featured social follow.

Learn more about templates and the template gallery.

Using a template to create a newsletter

Templates make creating a newsletter easier and faster by using pre-selected content to build an email. Some templates have primary sections that will prompt you to select products, collections, or blog posts as the main content for your newsletter. This selection is made while creating a newsletter but can be updated by customizing the email before it is sent.

Learn more about creating newsletters.

Assigning a discount

All templates include dynamic sections that will show only if a discount is assigned to that email. Discounts are created in your Shopify admin and then assigned using the discount name. All price rules and customer eligibility for the discount are automatically shown in the email and applied to any content linking to your shop's site.

Learn more about configuring a discount.

Checklist - before you send

Before sending your Newsletter to subscribers, here's a quick checklist to make sure it's ready.

  1. Send yourself a test email after customizing the message.
  2. Verify your sender details will be easily recognizable to your subscribers
  3. Make sure your subject line and preview text do not contain any typos or spammy content.
  4. Open the email on your desktop device and mobile device to be sure you're happy with the message layout and styling.
  5. Check all text sections for any grammar or spelling issues. Ask a coworker to double-check or use an online proofreading tool.
  6. Click through each image and hyperlink to confirm that everything is linked correctly.
  7. If your message has a Discount assigned, double-check the settings and eligibility. Please note that any unique discount code included in the test is not a functioning code.

Select recipients and schedule a delivery

While some content may be appropriate for all of your shop's subscribers, other messages may perform better as a targeted send to specific customer groups. Use your Shopify Customer's tab to create a customer group that can then be assigned when scheduling your delivery. Scheduled deliveries are based on your shop's local timezone, so be sure that any discount will not expire before your recipients have a chance to use it.

Learn more about selecting recipients and scheduling deliveries.

FAQs for purchasing templates

Q: I purchased a template that has a price - where do I pay?

A: Templates that have an associated charge will be processed as a one-time app charge on your Shopify invoice statement.

Q: I accidentally uninstalled my Seguno app - what happens to the templates I've purchased?

A: If you uninstall the Seguno app and reinstall, your template purchased will be saved and can be restored through the Seguno template store. 

Q: I changed my mind about this template - can I get a refund?

A: Refunds are not available for templates and purchases are final. If your template is not performing as expected or you'd like help making the most of your template, please reach out to support and we'd be happy to help!

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