What is the primary section in a template?

Using a primary section when creating a template will add a preset section to your new template to get you started with the design process. This section will be held as a placeholder for the content until you use your new template to create a Newsletter. 

Start by selecting your primary section based on how you intend to use this template in the future. This will add a single section to your layout.

Continue to customize your template by adding more sections and content. All of the content that you add to your template will be used when you create a newsletter. Once you've completed your new template, make sure to hit save.


Make sure that the content you add to your template is generic enough to be reusable, while still providing context for the message. In our example, we plan to use this template any time we add a new product to our shop and will always offer a discount code. With this strategy, our Subject Line and Preview Text will provide more context along with the primary section.

Next time you create a Newsletter, you'll be able to select your new template as a starting point.

This is where you'll determine the product, collection, or blog post you want to use in the template's primary section. In this example, we would select a featured product. 

More about primary sections:

Primary Section Purpose
Featured products Highlighting specific products.
Featured collections  Highlighting specific products from several collections.
Collection list Highlighting one or more collections.
Recent blog posts Highlight the most recent blog post(s) from your online store.
Featured blog posts Highlight a selection of blog posts from your Online store.    


Once you've created a template with a primary section, that section type may not be changed. If you'd like to use a different primary section, you may create an additional template and archive the ones you are no longer interested in.

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